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Portsmouth is the perfect city for those who want to relax and take things easy. The city’s laid-back atmosphere and peaceful setting make it a great place to unwind. And, with its historic seaport and abundance of hardwood forests, Portsmouth is also a city with plenty of character. There are plenty of things to do in Portsmouth, too. The ocean is only 30 minutes away, downtown Norfolk is a 5-minute ferry ride across the Elizabeth River, and Colonial Williamsburg is a quick 45-minutes just up the road. So, whether you’re looking for a place to relax or a city with plenty to see and do, Portsmouth is the perfect place for you.

There are always things to do, and today we’re going to list some of our favorite activities. Whether you’re into history, arts, culture, nature, or just good old-fashioned fun, Portsmouth has something for everyone! So put on your walking shoes and let’s get started.

Downtown Portsmouth Historic District

Portsmouth is a historic city with a lot to offer tourists and locals alike. The Downtown Portsmouth Historic District is a great place to start exploring all that the city has to offer. The District is comprised of buildings primarily dating to the years around the turn of the 20th century, and includes such architectural styles as Gothic Revival, Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, and Romanesque Revival, as exemplified by Pythian Castle. There are plenty of things to do in the District, from visiting the many historic sites and museums to shopping and dining in the many unique stores and restaurants. There is something for everyone in the Downtown Portsmouth Historic District.

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Children’s Museum of Virginia

Children’s Museum of Virginia is the largest of its kind in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is located in Portsmouth, and it has two floors of interactive exhibits. The unrivaled antique toy and train exhibit is located on the first floor. The state-of-the-art planetarium is located on the second floor. The Children’s Museum of Virginia is one of the most fascinating museums you’ll find anywhere. The Museum is a great place to take your children if you are looking for things to do in Portsmouth.

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Lightship Portsmouth

Lightship Portsmouth is a must-visit for anyone looking for things to do in Portsmouth. Launched in 1916, the Lightship was first stationed at Smith Island Shoals, Virginia. In 1964, she was donated and dry-docked at the London Pier in Portsmouth, where she took on her name. Lightship Portsmouth is now a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors a chance to learn about maritime history and see one of the world’s last surviving lightship stations. Visitors can also enjoy views of the harbor from the ship’s deck. Lightship Portsmouth is a great addition to any trip to Portsmouth.

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Portsmouth, the Commodore Theatre

Commodore Theatre

If you’re looking for something to do in Portsmouth, the Commodore Theatre is a great option. The theatre was named for Commodore James Baron and opened in 1945 by Portsmouth native William Stanley Wilder. The theatre was designed by Baltimore architect John Zink and is a classic example of the streamlined Art Deco style. The Commodore Theatre is a great option for a night out, whether you’re looking for a movie, live music, or a play. Check out their website for a list of upcoming events.

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Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery is a historic site located in Portsmouth, Virginia. Cedar Grove Cemetery was established in 1831 as the first secular cemetery in the town of Portsmouth. The Cedar Grove Cemetery contains more than 4000 graves with monuments dating back to the late 1700s. The funerary art offers notable examples of Greek Revival, Exotic Revival, and Victorian styled monuments. There is also a variety of interesting things to see and do at the Cedar Grove Cemetery, such as taking a walk through the beautiful grounds or exploring the historic tombstones. Cedar Grove Cemetery is an important part of Portsmouth’s history and is definitely worth a visit.

Seaboard Coastline Building

The Seaboard Coastline Building is a dominant landmark of the Portsmouth waterfront, and it has been a symbol of the link between rail and sea commerce in Hampton Roads since it was erected in 1894-95. It was enlarged in 1914 to serve as the northern terminus and headquarters of the Seaboard Air Line railroad. Today, it is a popular place to visit for its architecture, history, and views of the harbor. There is also a Seaboard Coastline Museum on the premises that is well worth a visit. If you are looking for things to do in Portsmouth, the Seaboard Coastline Building should definitely be on your list!

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Mercy Chefs

Looking for things to do? Why not volunteer with Mercy Chefs, a faith-based, non-profit disaster relief organization? They provide restaurant-quality meals to victims, volunteers, and first responders in natural disasters and national emergencies. Mercy Chef also partners with existing like-minded organizations to provide food service in underserved communities across the country. So, if you’re looking for a way to help and make a difference, consider volunteering with them. You can find them in Portsmouth, VA.

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Quarters A, B, and C

The three historic houses are located behind a high brick wall on the edge of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. These houses were erected between 1837 and 1842 to serve as residences for the shipyard’s commanding officers, and many of their details follow designs illustrated in the architectural pattern books of Asher Benjamin. Quarters A, B, and C survived the 1861 burning of the shipyard by evacuating Union forces and burning the next year by departing Confederates. Today, these historic houses are open to the public for tours, and they offer a glimpse into Portsmouth’s rich history. If you’re looking for things to do in Portsmouth, be sure to check out Quarters A, B, and C.

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Pythian Castle

Pythian Castle is definitely one of the most interesting places in Portsmouth. It’s not just because it’s on both the Virginia and National Registers of Historic Places, or because it’s a three-story brick and stone building with a visually arresting façade. It’s also because it’s one of the best surviving examples of Romanesque Revival architecture in Portsmouth! Pythian Castle was designed by local architect and builder Edward Overman, and it was built in 1897-98. Today, Pythian Castle is a popular destination for tourists who want to learn more about Portsmouth’s history and architecture. If you’re ever in Portsmouth, Pythian Castle is definitely worth a visit!

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Portsmouth is a great place to live and there are plenty of things to do in the city. Whether you’re looking for a new home or just want to explore, we hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions about Portsmouth or would like more information, please contact us – we’d be happy to help!